Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge – It Might Come at a Steep Price, But It Sure Is Cool!

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge – It Might Come at a Steep Price, But It Sure Is Cool!
The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge doesn’t exactly come cheap – you’re looking at spending close to $800 if buying the device brand new. These days, you do have to pay a pretty penny for the latest technology, so this shouldn’t exactly come as surprising. On the other hand, you can pay your provider in lesser increments, which can be helpful if you don’t have a bunch of money to just throw down. Anyway, the question is – why buy it?
Dynamite Design
You’re able to see images with unparalleled clarity. The device looks sleek, boats curved glass and is just all around impressive. The fact that the glass is scratch resistant is always a benefit, too.
Banner Battery Life
Turbo charging power and battery saving mode make this device great for those who like to talk. Can you talk for an entire day and night? If so – wow – and you will be glad to know that you get up to about 26 hours of talking time on the S6 Edge.
Picturesque Photos
Auto HDR helps users to capture quality images, even if the quality of the lighting at the time isn’t all that great.
These are just some of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge specs that people can’t stop talking about. Have a look at it if you haven’t yet, but keep in mind that the screen is a bit of a challenge to fix if it becomes broken, so protect it!
Model numbers include: Samsung SM-G925F, Samsung SM-G925W8, Samsung SM-G925P, Samsung SM-G925A, Samsung SM-G925V, Samsung SM-G9250, Samsung SM-G925T, Samsung SM-G925R4, Samsung SM-G925I

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iPad Mini Battery Life

Need More Time? “You Got It, Dude!”
Owners of the iPad Mini (A1454, A1455, etc.) who use it frequently (which is probably just about everyone who owns it) will want to know about ways to prolong the battery life. Sure, it has the ability to last quite some time, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t steps you can take to make sure it lasts as long as possible. Say you are traveling and don’t have access to a charger. You will want to make sure that you are doing what you can to use it for as long as possible.
Here are some ideas:
1.) Clear any applications that are running which you aren’t using. Double click the home button and you will see all of the apps which are running. Make sure to close out of ones that you haven’t touched for a couple of hours, such as games or even weather apps.
2.) Make sure that the brightness isn’t up too high. The lower it is, the better for your battery life.
3.) Make sure sounds are turned off, as they can use up the battery.
4.) Turn off WiFi if you aren’t using it. This is something that can drain the battery fairly quickly if not monitored.
5.) It is recommended that every couple of weeks, you use the battery until it is completely drained, then completely charge your device to 100%.
These are just some things to keep in mind if you are looking to extend the battery life for your iPad Mini. Surely you’ll find them to be effective. Enjoy, but make sure to stop and smell the roses every once in a while – it’s sometimes healthy to take your eyes off the screen.

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There Are Solutions for Broken iPhones

Broke Your iPhone 6 Already? Don’t Worry (At Least, Not Too Much)
So you bought the iPhone 6 and absolutely love it. Its size is super convenient and makes the screen easy to read, which makes it great for family members who have limited vision and for those who use the screen so much that it starts to strain their eyes. Its camera offers great quality photos, and the WiFi speed seems unbeatable. But what happens when you use the device so much that it becomes damaged in some way? Did you break it by accidently knocking it off your coffee table? Did it drop while you were holding it between your shoulder and ear while carrying groceries? While this smartphone is more difficult than its predecessors to break, things still happen. But you do have options!
Try a third party repair/replacement shop in your area. These places usually offer cheaper prices and fast service. Just make sure they are certified and reputable. Check Yelp reviews.
Talk to your carrier about the problem. Some repairs are free, and your iPhone 6 might be under some sort of warranty if you bought it brand new. If the damage wasn’t your fault, they might be able to give you a refurbished device while they fix yours. It depends on the carrier and it depends on your contract. Talk to them.
Go to an Apple store or give them a call. Since they created your phone, they will know what is best for it. But, if you want the most cost-effective option, your best bet might be a third party repair shop for iPhones.
You do have choices if you somehow damaged your brand new phone. Don’t assume you have to toss it in the trash – this is never a good idea. You can always make money off its parts, at the very least.

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Get Ready – Projected Release Dates for New Smartphones!

When to Expect Devices Like the Highly-Anticipated iPhone 7
Remember when the first iPhone ever was released? People were so excited about it, lining up for hours outside of stores to be amongst the first buyers. There is still a lot of excitement surrounding the newest smartphones and tablets, and one that is surrounded by a great deal of excitement is the iPhone 7. And why wouldn’t we be psyched about it? It might boast some of the greatest advancements in technology yet. To keep up to speed with Apple’s constant improvements, it would only make sense that this version of the iPhone will be even better than its predecessors.
Release dates have been thrown out there by different sources. Most sources seem to claim that the release will not happen until 2016 now, but that there will be new versions of the 6 and 6 Plus, potentially. Some think that the 7 will come out this year as a replacement for the 6 – this hasn’t happened in the past with older models, though, so it doesn’t seem to be the most likely conclusion.
What To Look Forward To
Perhaps the handset of the iPhone 7 will be waterproof, as this would be a major and much-needed improvement to smartphones. Better imaging is expected, and perhaps sapphire glass will not be used at all for this particular device. Keep checking for more information as it becomes available, as so far there are a lot of rumors floating around.
Regardless, the most reliable sources are looking at an iPhone 7 release date in the fall of 2016. So get prepared and get excited – the newest smartphones and tablets to hit the market should be some of the best we have ever seen.

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Cracked Samsung Note 4? You Have Options!

A broken smartphone or tablet is always a nightmare to deal with. It can be a stressful thought to know that you can’t get in touch with the important people in your life when you need to. For those who work from home, a broken smartphone or tablet always seems to happen on a day when you have to make an important call or send an important message. Don’t worry, though, because you don’t have to mail in your Samsung Note 4 if it breaks and be stuck waiting for days or even a week or more. If you take a quick look, you are sure to find local options.

Try a third party repair shop! There are generally certified technicians that are willing to get the job done for a low price at a third party Samsung replacement/repair shop.

Talk to your carrier about potential pricing and how long you would have to wait for the device to be fixed. Sometimes, they will have the parts on hand and will be able to do it fairly quickly depending on what’s wrong, or they will be able to offer you a refurbished device for a fair rate. So, you might not have to wait as long as you thought.

Mail in repair shops for broken Samsung Note 4 devices are always an option, too. It’s usually a pretty clear cut process – you mail in your device, they fix it within a day or two, and then send it back to you. If you can afford to be without it for a few days, check out pricing for a mail in repair service.

Don’t panic if you break your Samsung Note 4 – weigh out all of the options and see which one would work best for your needs.

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Benefits of Sapphire Glass on Smartphones

Extra Screen Strength Can’t Be Beat!

Manufactured sapphire glass might be the future (or at least part of the future) of pretty much all smartphones. This stuff is utilized on military vehicles and might ultimately be affordable enough that it can be used on regular devices owned by the general public in the near future. Think – smartphones that are even more durable. The idea is that you’d be able to drop, hit, throw and spill on your device without it seeing any negative impact, such as a scratch, or some other forms of damage.

Sapphire is second to none in terms of strength, other than diamonds. That makes it exceptionally strong. The cost is higher than Gorilla glass, naturally, but with technology improving and competition never subsiding, the cost is expected to go down in the near future. This would mean great things for all smartphone and tablet owners who are able to benefit from this super strong, super beneficial material. The cost would still be more, but read on for further details as to how companies such as Corning are working around this.

What exactly is it?

Sapphire glass is a form of aluminum oxide. It’s been utilized as transparent armor on vehicles used by the military. If you’re impressed…well, you should be. It is approximately three times more resistant than standard Gorilla glass in terms of scratches. Who wouldn’t want it in their smartphone or tablet screen?

Corning is expected to release a new, strong, durable option later this year that combines properties of Gorilla glass and sapphire glass, reducing the cost of something made completely of sapphire glass and offering great benefits to the public. Stay tuned for more awesome changes that are going to soon be introduced to the public.

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Where to Get an iPad Fixed

There ARE options for broken iPads – fret not!

Buying an expensive device can be a difficult decision, because you don’t necessarily want to spend the money, but you want the convenience and luxury that it offers. So when you make the decision to actually follow through, the last thing that you want is for it to become damaged in any way. Alas, these things happen. If you have a broken iPad, whether it’s the Air, iPad with Retina Display, Mini or any other version, know that you have options. You do not have to sell it on Craigslist for “peanuts.” You don’t have to get rid of it at all. You likely have a ton of information and images saved on it, and you’d like to keep it. So do a quick online search for a local iPad repair shop – surely you will find something!

From broken screens to missing buttons, an iPad repair shop should offer all sorts of options for you that are budget-friendly. Often times, the people who work at these places are professional and work with quality parts, but it’s always a good idea to ask about whether they use OEM quality replacement parts, or if they reuse old ones. You can do a search on a site such as Yelp to get some feedback from previous customers and get an idea of the shop’s work ethic. This is merely one option you have – you can always go back to your provider, and depending on the damage, they might fix it right there for you or order the new parts for free.

Don’t continue to use an iPad Air with a cracked screen. Bring the device into a local third party repair shop and see what they are willing to do for you. Models that repair shops work on generally include the iPad Air 2 (A1566, A1567), iPad Mini 3 (A1599, A1600), iPad Air (A1474, A1475), iPad 4 (A1458, A1459) and so many more.

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iPhone 5s Battery Issues – Does Your iPhone 5s Hold a Charge?

Apple has recognized that there is in fact an issue with the iPhone 5s battery. This isn’t an issue with all of the 5s models, but it has been acknowledged as an issue with a large number of them. It can cause it to take a longer than normal time to charge, and to lose the charge more quickly. Luckily, they are stepping up to the plate and offering repairs for anyone dealing with this issue.

What should you do?

Simple. Follow these steps!

If you have an iPhone 5s that has a weak battery, here are some options you have:

  • You can take it directly to Apple and have them fix it.
  • Keep your screen dim in terms of brightness. This can help to preserve the battery life a bit.
  • Put your phone in airplane mode if you aren’t using it. Perhaps you are sitting in a movie theater or out to dinner and not looking at your phone. Why not put it in airplane mode so that you can see any messages or missed calls later?
  • Close out of apps that are not in use. So many people leave apps open practically all of the time. Double click the home button and swipe up when the open apps appear in order to close out of them.
  • Shut off auto downloading. You might not want apps to automatically download, anyway.


These are just some tips to improve the battery life of your iPhone 5s. It is always a good idea to bring it to your provider if any problem persists.

Model numbers that could have a poor battery life include ME309LL/A, ME350LL/A, ME352LL/A, ME357LL/A, ME313LL/A, and others.

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Nexus 6 Specs

If you’re considering picking up the Nexus 6, it’s a good idea to spend some time getting to know some of its improvements and additions. The very first and most obvious is the larger screen size. As phones come out with larger and larger screens, the Nexus 6 takes the cake and mergers the realm between cell phone and tablet. The screen features an 1140 x 2560 display with 493 ppi. This means that all of your apps and other graphics will look clean and clear. With the larger display you’ll be able to easy see any documents you may be perusing whether they’re a photograph from a friend, a work contract, or your favorite website.
The phone, while larger is still fairly lightweight at 184 grams and features both a front and a rear facing camera so that you can photograph all of your adventures. The front camera is decent at 2 mp but the rear camera will take much better photos with 13 mp and comes complete with optical image stabilization to cut down on blur from slight movement. There is also an included flash for when you find yourself photographing dark environments.
The phone comes with plenty of space saving with 64 GB of memory and 3GB of RAM. So you’re certain to have plenty of room to save all of your favorite apps, books, and photographs. There are ports for Micro USB, Single nano SIM, and a 3.5 mm audio jack so that you can listen to all of your favorite music.
The CPU on the Nexus 6 is a Quad core Krait 450 2.7 GHz and comes with an Android 5.0 Lollipop operating system so that everything will load quickly and will run smoothly even when using online chat services that include real-time video. The phone is also compatible with 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE so that you are guaranteed internet connectivity no matter where you may be.
The Nexus comes with a wide variety of handy and easy to use sensors including accelerometer, gyro, magnetometer, proximity sensor, ambient light sensor, haptics, hall effect, and barometer. Many phones don’t offer any of these so they are a nice addition to the Nexus 6.

It’s clear to see that there are many benefits to the Nexus 6, only one of which is the nice large display screen. With the full variety of features the Nexus is not just a cell phone but could effectively function as a tablet as well.

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How to Keep Track of Someone With an iPhone

Your iPhone can be used for many different things. The majority choose to use it for calls and to send iMessages to friends and family. Some even take advantage of GPS and maps to get places with ease. Whether you use it regularly to ask Siri questions or to FaceTime with friends who are living far away, you surely appreciate all that this incredible smartphone has to offer. Different models offer different advantages, obviously with the newer models offering the most recent upgrades. Do you know that you can also use your iPhone to keep track of friends, family and even your partner? This might sound bizarre or even wrong, but there are ways that you can do this appropriately where it is not only normal, but completely safe and even mutually beneficial.

There is an app called Find My Friends that allows friends to connect with one another – note that you can’t just follow a friend around with your iPhone without their knowledge – and pinpoint each other’s locations. This can be beneficial for a few different reasons. If you are going somewhere at night, you can have a friend see your exact location. They can see you moving from point A to point B. If you have teenagers who you want to keep track of, you can use this app for just that purpose. Again, this doesn’t have to be used for anything other than to make sure that someone is safely getting to the location they need to go. And, you can’t just follow a friend without their permission. You give each other access and agree to the tracking. Find My Friends is great for people who frequent amusement parks with their family. It is so easy to get separated, but so easy to find the people who wandered off quickly once again. This app is also great if you are picking someone up at the airport. Airports can be confusing, and the person might not even know exactly where they are. But you will be able to see a clear map!

Stay on track with iPhone apps like Find My Friends!

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