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Did you drop your phone and shatter your screen? NYC mobile doctors and their team of trained technicians can help you put your phone back together in one piece. Phone replacements and repairs can be costly. Without insurance, shattered screen replacement costs can add up potentially costing hundreds of dollars. We offer quick and efficient same day repairs for your Samsung Galaxy S8. Our technicians are highly skilled at screen replacements, cracked screen repairs, and cracked glass repair.

  • Water Damage Repair
  • Cracked Screen Repair
  • Cracked glass repair
  • Charger port repair
  • Screen Replacement

Samsung Galaxy S8 shattered glass repair in NYC

We use quality OEM parts to fix and repair your Samsung Galaxy S8. Top quality parts and quality service make NYC Mobile Docs stand apart from the rest. Each Samsung Galaxy S8 phone repair and replacement include a 180-day warranty. If you are still has performance issues through no fault of your own, we will inspect the phone and replace faulty parts ensuring your phone is performing and effective. NYC Mobile doctors offers affordable pricing for all Samsung Galaxy S8 repairs.

Dropping your samsung phone on its screen is not only problematic, it can potentially create long term damage to your phone.  Samsung Galaxy phones have a glass screen that wraps around creating more potential for damage. If the screen cracks or shatters on your Samsung Galaxy S8, bring it to us and we can fix it the same day. Immediate repair can prevent damage to the LCD saving money in the long run.

Samsung Galaxy S8 broken LCD replacement

When you drop your phone in water or the screen is cracked, you want your phone repaired as quickly as possible to prevent further damage. Going to a third party repair shop or finding a technician on craigslist can be risky. Many third party repair shops do not use quality parts and may not be able to correctly fix your Samsung Galaxy S8. Our technicians perform all repairs in house.

We are located at 200 Park Ave on the 17th floor Suite 1796 in New York. For convenience, an appointment can easily be made online or by calling us at (212) 292-8005. Our helpful staff will gladly help you get your Samsung Galaxy S8 fixed and get you out the door on the same day. We offer reliable service that will keep you coming back.