Samsung Galaxy S2 LCD Replacement and Repair

s2lcdA broken LCD will almost always require immediate repairs if you want to keep using your smartphone. The LCD, or Liquid Crystal Display, on a phone creates the display on the screen, including icons, buttons, graphics, text, and everything else. If you can’t see any of these, or if some of them are blocked out, then you can’t use your phone. On the Samsung Galaxy S2, if the screen breaks, it is very likely that the LCD will break as well.

A broken LCD usually takes 20 minutes to repair. Since we also have quality OEM parts in stock at all times, we can do the repairs the very day you take your phone to our repair shop. Take your Samsung Galaxy S2 in for repairs if it has the following issues:

  • Black or blank screen.
  • Black spots or sections on the screen.
  • Warped or fuzzy areas on the display.

LCDs are rarely covered by warranties because problems rarely result from bad parts. In order to best serve you, we do all that we can to make the service as affordable as possible for you.  We are conveniently located in midtown east, NYC.