Samsung Galaxy S4 Battery Replacement

s4batteryWe can replace the lithium ion battery in your phone in 10 minutes without putting other components in your phone at risk. The repair is a fairly simple process, but it can be a bit risky since it involves exposing other parts of the phone. It can also take a while to wait for a replacement battery to arrive by mail. We can do the process faster than it takes to order a new battery from Samsung since we always have replacements in stock and offer same-day service.

In order to minimize the cost of new batteries, there are some things you can do to prolong the battery life of your phone:

  • Don’t charge longer or more frequently than necessary.
  • Turn off unneeded background apps.
  • Manage sync functions, such as those used by Google+.
  • Turn on Power Saving mode.

By using these tactics, you minimize your phone’s battery usage, which means you have to charge it less often. The less often you charge it, the longer it will retain its capacity. The capacity will still diminish eventually, but not as rapidly. When it does, and you find yourself constantly at an outlet or missing calls, come to our repair center for fast and easy service!