Samsung Galaxy S4 Headphone Jack Replacement and Repair

s4hdBad sound quality through your Galaxy S4’s headphones? Choppy sound, static, crackling, or muffled tones on your headphones can mean you need headphone jack repairs on your Samsung Galaxy S4. There are other things that might have gone wrong, however. The sound quality you get through your headphones mainly depends on three things:

  • The quality of your headphones
  • The condition of the headphone jack
  • The presence of dirt or lint in the jack

Sometimes, you might notice static through your headphones, which can be caused by a problem with any of the factors listed above. Start out by checking the headphone jack for dirt, dust, lint, or other debris. If it is dirty, clean it out with compressed air or a trimmed cotton swab with rubbing alcohol. As for the headphones, you can test them by swapping them out with another pair. If there is no difference after cleaning and swapping headphones, then you have a problem with the jack itself.

Fortunately, NYC Mobile Device Doctors provides you with reliable solutions to this problem. We always keep spare OEM quality parts in stock and have keen industry expertise, so we know how to solve whatever may be wrong with your phone’s headphone jack, whether that be physical damage or simple wear and tear. If you are anywhere in the New York Metro area, come see our experts for quality service. Headphone jack repairs usually take about 25 minutes. Call us or visit today!