Samsung Galaxy S4 Home Button Repair

s4homeLooking for Home button repairs on your Samsung Galaxy S4? Then NYC Mobile Device Doctors has the quality service you need! Our repair shop has skilled professionals who are always ready to repair whatever smartphone problems you might have. In order to fix the Home button, we usually take about an hour, and our expertise ensures that we won’t cause any extra damage to your phone’s other delicate parts.

Some of the causes for Home button issues involve the following:

  • Loose button strip: The cable connecting the Home button to your phone’s circuit board may be loose, making the button unresponsive or finicky.
  • Debris buildup: If dust and other debris gets under the corners of the Home button, it can make the mechanism stiff and difficult to press. It might also interfere with connectivity if there is other damage.
  • Internal damage: There are a number of possible internal component issues that might influence Home button functionality. For this reason, it is important to have experienced technicians diagnose the exact problem before doing repairs.

Whatever the problem’s exact cause, a malfunctioning Home button gets annoying really fast. To solve Home button problems, take your phone to NYC Mobile Device Doctors today!