Samsung Galaxy S4 Speaker Repair

s4speakerWhen your phone’s speaker is malfunctioning, NYC Mobile Device Doctors has the solutions you need. We keep a steady supply of original manufacturer parts, allowing our experienced technicians to quickly perform the needed fix. Within 20 minutes, your Galaxy S4’s sound quality will be returned to normal, letting you watch videos, listen to music, and talk hands-free without static or faulty sound.

Suppose you are in the middle of a phone call, and something comes up that needs your attention. Rather than hang up, you put your Samsung Galaxy S4 on loudspeaker so that you can free your hands. As you switch over to speakerphone, it suddenly goes silent.

Or try this situation: you want to listen to some music, but you don’t feel like plugging headphones into your ears. So you leave the headphones out and turn up the volume only to hear static, or maybe even nothing at all. You check the volume, but it is turned up high enough. You try other songs and maybe a video, but still the sound is not what it should be.

Or maybe you are awaiting an important call, but your phone doesn’t seem to go off. You hear no ringtone, but when you check your phone, you find that you missed the call. Maybe this is the third or fourth time this has happened, and you are sure you would have heard it go off. What do you do?

If any of these situations seems familiar, then your smartphone may have a speaker problem. Normally, the speaker is well protected since it is embedded within the device, but it is possible that it was damaged in an accident. Another possibility is that it is full of debris, which interferes with the sound quality. You may have a bad connector somewhere, or some other component related to the speaker is out of whack.