Samsung Galaxy S5 Water Damage Repair Service

S5-water-damage-battery-640x361While the Samsung Galaxy S5 is somewhat water resistant, it is strictly an emergency feature of the phone. If it gets submerged or spilled on, water can still seep inside and cause extensive damage.

The good news is there is an affordable water damage solution for your Galaxy S5. With trustworthy expertise and precise repair methods, our technicians at NYC Mobile Device Doctors are able to diagnose water-damaged parts of your phone and repair them efficiently. We take walk-ins as well as appointments, so don’t hesitate to take your waterlogged phone to our service center. The time and price for the repairs depend on the extent of the damage, but we will do all that we can to minimize the cost for you while working as quickly as possible.

There are also some steps you can take to minimize the cost yourself:

  • As soon as the accident happens, turn the phone off. As long as it is running with water inside, systems can short, causing significant damage.
  • After that, dry it off with a towel, and do not remove the back cover. Removing it will allow water through the seams, so it is best to leave the phone in one piece.
  • Once you’ve toweled it dry, do not turn it on until you get it to our repair center.

Whatever damage may have been caused to your phone, we always have the tools and OEM quality parts your phone needs to be restored to functioning condition. As soon as you can, pay us a visit!