Get Ready – Projected Release Dates for New Smartphones!

When to Expect Devices Like the Highly-Anticipated iPhone 7
Remember when the first iPhone ever was released? People were so excited about it, lining up for hours outside of stores to be amongst the first buyers. There is still a lot of excitement surrounding the newest smartphones and tablets, and one that is surrounded by a great deal of excitement is the iPhone 7. And why wouldn’t we be psyched about it? It might boast some of the greatest advancements in technology yet. To keep up to speed with Apple’s constant improvements, it would only make sense that this version of the iPhone will be even better than its predecessors.
Release dates have been thrown out there by different sources. Most sources seem to claim that the release will not happen until 2016 now, but that there will be new versions of the 6 and 6 Plus, potentially. Some think that the 7 will come out this year as a replacement for the 6 – this hasn’t happened in the past with older models, though, so it doesn’t seem to be the most likely conclusion.
What To Look Forward To
Perhaps the handset of the iPhone 7 will be waterproof, as this would be a major and much-needed improvement to smartphones. Better imaging is expected, and perhaps sapphire glass will not be used at all for this particular device. Keep checking for more information as it becomes available, as so far there are a lot of rumors floating around.
Regardless, the most reliable sources are looking at an iPhone 7 release date in the fall of 2016. So get prepared and get excited – the newest smartphones and tablets to hit the market should be some of the best we have ever seen.

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