NYC Mobile Device Doctors – Google Pixel Phone Repair


When you need Google Pixel cell phone repair in NYC, we are the place you should call!

They don’t call us NYC Mobile Device Doctors for nothing! Our team is the best you could find and our technicians are able to quickly diagnose any kind of problem with your Google Pixel or Google Pixel XL phone. Our solutions are designed to fix the problem once and for all. We even offer extensive warranties to each and every one of our valued customers to prove that we stand behind our parts and labor. Your Google smartphone is safe in our capable hands, and we guarantee that it will be returned to you in fully working condition.

Why us? Because, unlike most other companies in this field, we actually invest in our technology and in the training of our specialists. We have years of experience fixing all kinds of mobile devices. Although the Pixel and Pixel XL are relatively new on the market, we have already fixed dozens of them. This means that we definitely have the expertise to perform complex repairs like LCD screen and digitizer replacement. Our success rate for repairs is almost 100%. There is nothing we can’t fix!

In case the glass on your Pixel or Pixel XL has cracked, we can replace it in less than one hour. We can replace the entire screen or just the LCD screen if necessary. Our team has access to micro soldering equipment so that we are able to repair difficult problems on the motherboard of your phone. We are like real doctors – precise and professional. Our workmanship is best in class – nobody will even notice that your phone has been fixed. They’ll think it’s new.

Here are a few of the perks of working with NYC Mobile Device Doctors:

  • Customers almost always receive their Pixel or Pixel XL device back the same day. Our same day service is renowned.
  • Our technicians are careful – they will never damage your phone. In fact, we test each unit before releasing it to make sure that absolutely everything is working 100%.
  • Our privacy policy protects your sensitive information from all prying eyes. We will never touch your emails, photos, videos, contacts, or social media accounts.
  • Your smartphone will look and work as new after we fix it. Our display replacement repairs are designed to fix any problem without leave any marks or scratches on our customers’ devices.
  • Our prices are the most affordable around. However, we never cut corners; each one of our clients receives the best service we are capable of offering.

Here at NYC Mobile Device Doctors, we can perform repairs on your Google Pixel or Google Pixel XL phone in New York City quickly and effectively. Devices fixed by our team continue working for years. If you need any kind of LCD, screen, digitizer, or glass solutions, confidently contact us today!