How to Keep Track of Someone With an iPhone

Your iPhone can be used for many different things. The majority choose to use it for calls and to send iMessages to friends and family. Some even take advantage of GPS and maps to get places with ease. Whether you use it regularly to ask Siri questions or to FaceTime with friends who are living far away, you surely appreciate all that this incredible smartphone has to offer. Different models offer different advantages, obviously with the newer models offering the most recent upgrades. Do you know that you can also use your iPhone to keep track of friends, family and even your partner? This might sound bizarre or even wrong, but there are ways that you can do this appropriately where it is not only normal, but completely safe and even mutually beneficial.

There is an app called Find My Friends that allows friends to connect with one another – note that you can’t just follow a friend around with your iPhone without their knowledge – and pinpoint each other’s locations. This can be beneficial for a few different reasons. If you are going somewhere at night, you can have a friend see your exact location. They can see you moving from point A to point B. If you have teenagers who you want to keep track of, you can use this app for just that purpose. Again, this doesn’t have to be used for anything other than to make sure that someone is safely getting to the location they need to go. And, you can’t just follow a friend without their permission. You give each other access and agree to the tracking. Find My Friends is great for people who frequent amusement parks with their family. It is so easy to get separated, but so easy to find the people who wandered off quickly once again. This app is also great if you are picking someone up at the airport. Airports can be confusing, and the person might not even know exactly where they are. But you will be able to see a clear map!

Stay on track with iPhone apps like Find My Friends!

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