iPad 2 LCD Repair and Replacement

ipad-mini-screen-repairWhere can I find LCD repair on my iPad 2 near me? Take your iPad 2 the repair experts at NYC Mobile Device Doctors to get it fixed! If you are in New York, we provide the solution to your device’s broken LCD. We always have the necessary replacement parts in stock, so we can have any of these issues resolved in an hour:

  • Patterns of straight lines across the display
  • Distorted colors or shapes
  • Black or blotchy areas on the display
  • Blackened sections or a totally blank screen while running

On the iPad 2, you have to be especially careful not to damage the Wi-Fi antenna, the various connectors, and the power cable. The screen is made of tempered glass, so it can easily shatter and cause injury if you don’t have the right tools and protection, especially if the screen is already cracked. You want experienced technicians to work on your device, and we have the experience and skill you’re looking for.

What is the LCD? Behind the glass screen and the digitizer, you have the LCD, or Liquid Crystal Display. This is the part that shows what you see on screen. It works by sending currents through liquid crystal pixels, turning them on or off to let light through or block it.

In an accident, these pixels can get damaged, causing black spots in the display. The LCD might also become so severely damaged that important electrical connections are broken, blocking out large sections of the screen. Some more subtle malfunctions could also include bad coloring or distortion, depending on the exact nature of the damage. All of these can get in the way of normal usage, so it is important to take good care of your tablet.

The LCD can be harmed by impacts, such as by dropping it on the ground, or by water damage. If the LCD gets damaged in any way, then we can help.