iPad 3 Home Button Repair and Replacement

ipad_3_home_button_flex_ccc79c71-0279-4bbc-8221-33805a34408a_grandeBroken Home button ruining things on your iPad 3? NYC Mobile Device Doctors has the solution you need to get your Home button working like new again. Between our professional techs and the quality OEM parts we keep in stock, there is no safer place for you to get Home button repair and replacement in New York City.

The repair process on the iPad 3 is very difficult if you don’t have a lot of experience working on mobile devices, especially since the Home button is mounted in the delicate front display. If you’re not extremely careful, you can easily shatter the glass while working the broken button out of the frame. Even if the button itself does not need to be removed in order to complete the repairs, you still need to remove the glass cover to access the other parts of the tablet.

The Home button can start to cause problems if the flex cable that connects it to the motherboard wears out. Other causes might be debris buildup, causing the button to stick, or a loose mechanism. It might even be as simple as a calibration error. If you notice any of the below issues with your Home button, take it to our repair center so our professionals can sort it out:

  • Button is unresponsive, even after recalibrating.
  • Button sticks in the frame.
  • Device registers a press even when you haven’t touched the button.

We are able to solve these issues in one hour without all the hassle of mailing your device to Apple or dealing with the possible slipups of other repair shops. It’s fast, easy, and secure, so why wait? When your iPad 3 starts having Home button issues, take it to our repair center. You might drop by if you’re in the neighborhood, but you can also set up an appointment. Just call us at (212) 292-8005 to get that set up so you can get back to enjoying your iPad as it was meant to as soon as possible.