iPad 3 Lock Button/On and Off Button Repair and Replacement

good-apple-replacement-power-on-off-button-volume-lock-flex-cable-for-ipad-3_1835659For Lock/Power button solutions that will restore your tablet’s mobility and functionality to like-new condition, come pay us a visit at NYC Mobile Device Doctors. Conveniently located for locals throughout the New York Metro area, we offer repairs and replacement services on all kinds of mobile devices, including the iPad 3. We quickly diagnose the cause of the problem—which for the lock/power button, may be related to the flex cable, debris buildup, or a worn button mechanism—and then repair it with highly exact techniques. The process we use avoids causing further damage, so you don’t have worry about us messing up your tablet.

Lock and power button repairs have a one hour wait time with our same-day service. There’s no waiting for days for a parts shipment to come in. We have all the replacement parts in stock right here in our shop. When you find yourself fiddling more and more with the button to power down, lock, or turn on your device, it’s time for repairs, and the sooner you come, the simpler the process will be. Feel free to contact us at (212) 292-8005.