iPad 4 Battery Repair and Replacement

replacement-battery-for-ipad-4_1Is your iPad 4’s battery in need of repairs or replacement, but you don’t want to go through the hassle of sending it to Apple? Then your solution can be found at NYC Mobile Device Doctors. Unlike Apple, we replace the battery itself rather than the whole device, so you don’t have to go through the whole process of synching your tablet with iTunes before sending it in. And because our repair center is so accessible, you don’t have to wait several days for the replacement to come in the mail. We always have replacement batteries in stock, and our skilled professionals are always ready to solve your iPad’s battery problems same day.

Once you have your new battery, it’s time to take some steps to make sure it keeps running as long as possible. Generally, an iPad battery will last 1000 charge cycles before it starts losing capacity, so the idea is to charge it as infrequently as possible. You do this by conserving the battery:

  • Use Airplane Mode to turn off the Wi-Fi, which often soaks up battery life.
  • Occasionally reboot the device to reset rogue processes.
  • Turn off or limit energy-heavy apps.
  • Turn off the GPS by going to Settings > Privacy, and turning off Location Services.
  • Shut down unused apps by double clicking Home and dragging unneeded apps off the screen.
  • Turn down the brightness in Settings.

As you use less of the battery, you will need to charge your iPad 4 less often. This means that you will not go through its 1000 charge cycles as quickly, which prolongs the battery’s overall lifespan. When the day finally does arrive that you find yourself stuck to outlets and constantly recharging your device, we will be available to make the needed replacement.