iPad 4 Speaker Repair and Replacement

1pcs-Replacement-font-b-parts-b-font-Loud-Speaker-Ringer-Buzzer-with-Wifi-Antenna-Flex-CableIf you have broken or faulty speakers on your iPad 4, then NYC Mobile Device Doctors provides all the solutions you need to revive your device’s sound quality so that you can get back to listening to music and watching videos again.

With our constant supply of OEM quality parts, we don’t delay repairs. We offer same-day service for all devices, so we can have your iPad 4 making noise again within one hour. While iPad devices present special challenges to repair technicians, our experts have accumulated enough experience to confidently tackle any problem, including speaker repair. We work efficiently and carefully in order to make sure you get your device back in better condition than when you bring it in. With us, your tablet is in very secure hands. We can easily solve any of these sound problems:

  • Muffled sound: A buildup of dust inside the speaker drum can prevent the sound from coming out as clearly as it should.
  • Distortion or crackling: Bad connections, worn components, dirty connectors, or even impact damage may prevent the speaker from properly receiving and converting data into sound.
  • Choppy or intermittent sound: This could come from a loose connection or dirty connectors.
  • No sound at all: Either your speakers have somehow become totally disconnected from the mainframe, or they have been badly damaged to the point of non-functionality.

If you reside anywhere in NYC, you can count on our capable technicians to fix these problems and have your sound quality back to being good as new. Come visit our repair center or set an appointment at (212) 292-8005.