iPad Air Battery Replacement

ipad-air-batteryFor New York locals, NYC Mobile Device Doctors offers professional battery replacement on all Apple devices, including the iPad Air. We have the experience, skill, and inventory needed to fix your iPad’s battery life—and its mobility—in one hour tops. There’s no waiting for a replacement battery to come in. We always have plenty of those in stock. There is also no risk to your device since you’ll have qualified technicians working on it.


When to get your iPad’s battery replaced: The lightweight design of the iPad Air makes it ideal for mobility, so its battery needs to keep a charge as long as possible. If you are charging it every couple hours, or if it regularly dies on you, then you probably need to replace the battery. Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t make batteries easily replaceable on their devices, the iPad Air included, so you need professional technicians to install a new battery.

How to extend your iPad Air’s battery life: There are a few simple steps you can follow to keep your iPad running at its peak. Ideally, your battery should last about 1000 charge cycles before it starts losing its ability to hold a charge, so your battery life is dependent on how much you use it. Here are a few ideas on how to minimize battery drain:

  • Turn off energy-heavy apps like VoIP, streaming audio, and navigation apps that use GPS.
  • Use Airplane mode for when you really need to save the battery. This turns off Wi-Fi, which can use up a lot of energy.
  • Reboot your tablet on occasion to shut down random background processes you don’t need.

These all work on the principle that the more often you charge it, the sooner the battery will lose its capacity. By using the battery less, you charge less often, and your battery lasts longer. Then in the distant future, once your battery finally does start going out, contact us for a replacement.