iPad Air LCD Repair and Replacement

ipad-screenNYC Mobile Device Doctors offers same-day iPad Air LCD repairs. Because we always keep high quality parts in stock, we can help you the same day you come to our repair center. We also work as quickly as possible, allowing us to complete LCD repairs in an hour at most. This is all done with the skills and techniques we have honed through years of experience. We don’t risk extra damages to your iPad, nor will we replace more components than are strictly necessary. If the LCD is broken, but not the front screen, for example, we will only replace the LCD rather than the entire screen assembly.

How can you tell if the LCD is broken? The component works by sending signals to the thousands of pixels on the screen, each of which has liquid crystal to control the light it lets through. When the screen is damaged, the crystal might leak or the electrical signal might not reach it, leading to dead pixels, splotches, or blacked out sections. Other signs of a broken LCD are patterned lines across the display, distorted colors and shapes, or a completely blank screen. With our precise care and techniques, we can resolve all of these issues, returning your iPad Air to full usability.