iPad Air Speaker Repair and Replacement

ipad-air-loud-speaker-repair-serviceSpeaker problems on your iPad Air? We can fix them in 1 hour! NYC Mobile Device Doctors has spent years working on malfunctioning tablets and smartphones, and we know exactly how to solve speaker problems on your iPad Air. These issues might result from bad circuitry, worn cables, dust buildup in the speakers themselves, or physical damage from impacts or water. Our experts diagnose the exact issue and then work to fix it as efficiently as possible. In only 1 hour, we repair broken components or replace them with one of the OEM quality parts we always keep in stock.

Symptoms of a broken speaker: You could notice muffled sound from the speakers, which might have you constantly turning up the volume to hear your device. There may also be static or crackling, or the sound may randomly cut out. You might even have one speaker work perfectly while the other one does not, which can be a bit less obvious. In any of these situations, professional repairs are needed in order to restore your tablet to perfect working condition.

We serve locals throughout New York, so when you have problems with your device’s speakers, call us at (212) 292-8005 to set up an appointment.