iPad Air Volume Button Repair and Replacement

apple-ipad-button-set-repair-richardsonIs a broken volume button causing problems on your iPad Air? The experts at NYC Mobile Device Doctors have the experience and the skill necessary to solve volume button issues in 1 hour. Because of this, you avoid the wait you might get at other places or sending it to Apple. We always keep our store well stocked with quality OEM parts, which enables us to offer same-day repairs on all devices, including the iPad Air.

A broken volume button on your iPad Air can be a real pain, especially if it is stuck in one position. This causes your tablet to register a constant button press, meaning that if the Volume Up button is stuck, your iPad will keep the volume cranked up to maximum. This is not the situation you want if you use your tablet in meetings or other such settings. Even if the button is not stuck in position, it can still cause problems if it is unresponsive or loose. This is probably due to a damaged or worn flex cable, which requires a bit of digging through the device in order to repair. You need our trustworthy repair service in order to get this problem fixed without risking harm to other internal or external parts.

What if you can’t visit us right away? There is a temporary fix you can do to control the volume (if it’s not stuck on Up or Down). By going to Settings > General > Accessibility, and then turning on Assistive Touch, you gain access to on-screen buttons that you can use with a touch of your finger. The volume controls are accessed by hitting the gray on-screen button, tapping Device, and then tapping either Volume Up or Volume Down as needed. Then call us to schedule an appointment as soon as possible.