iPad Mini Speaker Repair and Replacement

One-pcs-Guarantee-Original-For-Ipad-mini-font-b-Speaker-b-font-font-b-Grill-bOur experts can fix your iPad Mini’s broken speaker in 1 hour same day. In the event that you have speaker troubles, NYC Mobile Device Doctors provides an easy and affordable solution. Located in easy access for New York locals all around, our repair shop keeps a constant supply of original manufacturer parts, meaning that when you come here for repairs, you only get the best quality. You device also gets the best treatment available in the hands of our experienced technicians. We know our way around your device, and we are especially capable when it comes to preventing mishaps during repairs. You won’t end up paying for cracked screens when we open up your device like you might at other places.

Come to us to solve these speaker problems:

  • Crackling
  • Static
  • Muffled or distorted sound
  • No sound at all, including ringtones and sound alerts

Since sound issues can ruin your enjoyment of the iPad Mini, don’t wait. We can have all of these issues resolved in about an hour as we work carefully and efficiently on your tablet. Either call us for an appointment at (212) 292-8005, or walk in if you happen to be in the neighborhood.