iPad Mini Water Damage Repair Service

ipadmini-water-damageGet professional water damage repairs from our experts! The moment when your iPad Mini slips from your hand and gets submerged in water or other liquid can seem disastrous, and rightly so. However, water damage doesn’t have to be a total disaster. With our professional service and affordable rates, NYC Mobile Device Doctors can rescue your iPad Mini from water damage and restore it to full functionality.

The exact time it takes to fix water damage depends on the damage, but we work as efficiently as we can to save you time and money. In order to help make sure repairs are as fast and affordable as possible, there are a few steps you can take as soon as the device comes in contact with water:

  • Remove from water: Get it out of the pool or puddle or bathtub. As long as it’s in there, water is seeping in and increasing the risk of major damage.
  • Turn it off and wipe it dry: As long as there is water inside as a current is running through your device, it can short out. Turn it off as quickly as you can and leave it off. Then wipe away any excess moisture to keep it from seeping into the tablet.
  • Take it to our service center: We have the tools and methods needed to save as much of your device as possible and to repair the rest. We’ll clear out excess water, run diagnostic tests, and fix it up to perfect condition.

We know our way around all parts of your iPad Mini, and we take very good care of it while it is in our repair center. As quick as we can, you’ll have your tablet back in perfect usable condition, and the water incident will be nothing more than a bad memory. When you have possible water damage on your iPad, get it to our repair center ASAP.