iPhone 4 Front and Back Camera Replacement / Repair

Camera problems

If it is the camera that is damaged it can easily be replaced just like any other part. Nowadays you can buy iPhone spare parts from various shops and fix them yourself. Unlike some parts, though, the camera is very complicated and it is risky to try and fix it yourself.  It is prudent to have it replaced by professionals to avoid damaging your phone further. This way, you can also avoid buying counterfeit spare camera parts that won’t even get the job done. Whether it is the front or the back camera that is not working you can have it replaced by the iPhone 4 repair and replacement technicians at NYC Mobile Device Doctors. The services provided by our experts are of high quality and we work so fast that you will have the camera fixed in 10-15 minutes. We use parts that will leave your iPhone in better condition. For proven results, and low prices, we urge you to come to us. We are convenient to many areas in New York City.