Headphone Jack replacement for your iPhone 4

The use of headphones for smartphones is quite common today. Unfortunately, with the pleasure of using them there also comes the pain of having problems with the headphone jack. The problem starts when you start hearing cracked voices and tones or no sound at all and you are at loss in regards to what to do. Fortunately, it is a common problem that many iPhone owners experience and just like any other iPhone 4 problem, you can have it repaired. The main cause of problems with the headphone jack are broken jack plugs. This problem can bring about a lot of frustration but you can get it fixed at NYC Mobile Device Doctors. NYC Mobile Device Doctors technicians are experts in iPhone 4 repair services and will replace the malfunctioning jack plugs and make sure that your headphone jack is useful again. They will replace the faulty parts with genuine ones very quickly. Having the headphone jack replaced will only take about 10-15 minutes and at a very budget-friendly cost. Our dedicated technicians will also run a full diagnostic test to ascertain that your iPhone 4 does not have other problems. Choose us for all of your smartphone and tablet needs.