iPhone 4 Water Damage Repair by NYC Mobile Device Doctors

Water damage to your iPhone 4 can occur as a result of numerous factors especially with all the nasty NYC weather. You can accidentally spill soda, water or any other drink on it. You can leave it for a minute within your child’s reach and find that it somehow became soaked. It can become wet in your pocket, or it can fall into a pool. When your iPhone becomes wet, you are sometimes able to just wipe it clean and it continues working properly. However, some bits of water can get inside the actual case housing and cause damage over time.  The damage caused depends on the liquid and how long the device was in water. For instance, if you dropped your iPhone in the swimming pool the damage is more severe than when you drop it in a bowl of water. The chlorinated water in the pool can ruin the circuitry entirely while drinking water might only cause minimal damage. The first thing you should always do if your phone drops in water is remove it from the water and wipe it as fast as possible to reduce the damage. Turn it off right away and seek the service of experts to have it cleaned. Sometimes the water can cause some parts like batteries to be damaged beyond repair and thus it is very important to take it to experts for repair.

NYC Mobile Device Doctors is the best repair stop you can turn to if you need water damage repair for the iPhone 4 or any other smartphone. We have a team of qualified specialists who provide comprehensive repair solutions that are sure to leave you satisfied. Our team of trusted experts will run full diagnostic tests of every part of the phone and have it cleaned out completely. They will repair the damaged parts and replace any part that requires replacement in order to function again. The repair time and cost depends on the extent to which your iPhone 4 has been damaged. However, you can be assured that our rates are competitive. Call us or stop in and we can give you an accurate price quote and time frame to fix the problem. Remember to turn to us for all of your repair and replacement needs.