iPhone 5 Front and Back Camera Replacement and Repair

i5backcameraIf your phone’s camera quality is not what it should be? Fortunately, NYC Mobile Device Doctors has a solution. By replacing the faulty or damaged camera(s) on your phone, we can solve the following problems:

  • A blank screen when taking a picture
  • Spots or lines on photos
  • Photos and videos are heavily pixelated
  • Hazing or blurring in photos and videos

If you see any of these in your photos and videos, your best bet is to find a repair service you can trust. Camera repairs can be a little complex, and it is important to have the repair done perfectly if you want to continue capturing memories in quality photo and film format. Trying repairs yourself can be risky, and some repair shops may not be reliable. It’s also a hassle to wait a long time on Apple for repairs that are not strictly crucial to the iPhone’s ability to function as a phone. Visit us today, we have all parts in stock and can have you on your way within 20 minutes.