iPhone 5 Speaker, Earpiece, and Microphone Repair

iphone5speakerAny component used to receive, record, or transmit sound needs to be highly precise, and because of this, such components tend to be rather fragile. The iPhone 5 contains high-quality built-in speakers, including an earpiece and a loudspeaker, and three noise-cancelling microphones, all of which can be easily damaged by drops, spills, cracks, and other accidents. They can also become clogged by dust and other debris, inhibiting their performance. These all require a professional repair service to get them into working condition again.

Your earpiece may be damaged, clogged, or worn if:

  • Voices are muffled or distorted during phone conversations
  • Voices crack over the phone
  • You can’t hear anyone when you answer calls

The speaker may need repairs if:

  • You can’t hear music or alerts
  • You hear little or nothing while on speakerphone
  • Sounds from the loudspeaker are muffled or distorted

The iPhone 5 uses the bottom microphone for phone calls, while the front and back are used together for sound recording. One or more of your smartphone’s microphones might need fixing if:

  • Recorded sounds are crackled, muffled, or scratchy
  • People have a hard time hearing you on the phone
  • Siri seems to have a hard time hearing you
  • You are unable to record voice memos

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