iPhone 5 Water Damage Repair Service

waterdamage1Smartphones like the iPhone 5 and liquids don’t mix. Water can cause the circuit board to short-circuit and damage other components beyond repair. You want to keep your device as far away from water as possible, but of course, accidents happen. You may spill a drink on your phone, or you may drop it in a puddle or pool, or your two-year-old may find it amusing to watch it spin around in the toilet. If any such thing happens to your iPhone 5, you must act as quickly as possible:

  • Turn it off: Power down your device as quickly as possible to prevent short-circuiting. Do not turn it on again until you’re sure it’s dry.
  • Wipe it off: Using a towel or soft piece of cloth, wipe the excess liquid off the phone. Do not use a hairdryer or an oven, since these will damage the phone with excess heat.
  • Take it in for service ASAP: Professionals with the proper experience and tools can clean your device and prevent water intrusion from causing further damage.
  • Rice or silica packets: If you are unable to get your iPhone 5 to a repair shop right away, store it in a plastic bag filled with dry instant rice or silica gel packets. Gently press all excess air from the bag and seal it tight. Allow 24 to 48 hours to dry out completely.

At our repair center, our experienced repair technicians will run diagnostic tests on your smartphone to isolate damaged components and clean your phone properly. The time and cost for the repairs depends on the amount of damage, but we’ll get your smartphone back to you in working shape as soon as possible and at an affordable price.