iPhone 5s Battery Replacement

5sbatteryEventually, every battery dies. You may find yourself operating your iPhone 5s while it’s plugged in more often than not, and you live in constant fear that your phone will die at the wrong moment. You find that you’re charging it multiple times per day, even though you’re not using it for anything energy-intensive. You end up missing calls, either because your phone is dead, or because it is plugged in at an outlet while you are occupied elsewhere.

Are you experiencing this frustration? If so, you must get your phone’s battery replaced. Apple doesn’t make that very easy, but fortunately, NYC Mobile Device Doctors offers reliable battery replacement in as fast as 10 minutes with same-day service. Our expert technicians work efficiently and effectively without risk to other components in your smartphone. We also provide expert advice to extend your phone’s battery life in the future, such as:

  • Turn off background programs: On the iPhone 5s, you probably have iOS 8, which makes this very easy. Just go to Settings > General > Usage > Battery Usage. You’ll see a list of programs and the amount of energy they are using. Find any programs you don’t currently need and shut them off.
  • Charge only when necessary: The more frequently you charge the battery, the sooner it will lose its capacity. Only charge it when your phone is about to die.
  • Charge only as long as needed: iPhone batteries only need about 4 to 5 hours to charge, and leaving it plugged in can hurt the charge capacity. Unplug it when it’s done.

Generally, the less often you charge your battery, the longer it will last before you need to replace it. Eventually, though, you’ll still find yourself constantly stuck to an outlet or with a dead phone. When you do, come visit us! We’re always ready to help residents throughout the New York Metro area. Just call (212) 292-8005 for an appointment.