iPhone 5s Speaker, Earpiece, and Microphone Repair

5s-earpieceDoes your iPhone 5s have speaker or microphone problems? A phone with limited sound reception or production capacity is a little less useful as a phone and a little more useful as a paperweight. If the earpiece, speaker, or microphone on your iPhone 5s goes out, phone calls will become more difficult or completely impossible. It is important to keep these parts in good condition, and NYC Mobile Device Doctors can help you do that.

Our fully qualified professionals provide timely and affordable repairs on iPhone 5s speakers, earpieces, and microphones for residents throughout New York City, including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Upper West Side, East Side, SoHo, etc. We always have plenty of original manufacturer parts in stock, so repairs are same-day. If your phone isn’t recording or playing sounds as well as it should, then we can help. We’ll have your phone call-ready again in 30 minutes.

Faulty speakers and earpieces will tend to distort or muffle voices and sound. You might also get some crackling and static. If they are completely nonfunctional, then you won’t hear anything at all, whether that be people’s voices on the phone, music on the speaker, or alerts and ringtones. A bad microphone can also be trouble, since it can keep people from understanding you over the phone and prevent you from recording voice memos. You may also end up repeating yourself to Siri more often than usual.