iPhone 5s Home Button Repair

iphone-5s-home-buttonThe Home button on the iPhone 5s has a special Touch ID fingerprint scanner, which can be extremely helpful if you’re prone to forgetting your passcode. However, the scanner can get worn out and inaccurate with usage, making it less useful in the future. This can be problematic since each fingerprint scanner is uniquely connected to your phone’s specific processor. While this makes your fingerprint data extremely secure, it also means that simply replacing the scanner will forfeit your ability to use your fingerprint to unlock your phone.

Because of this, Home button repair on the iPhone 5s can be a bit tricky. Since it is used so frequently, the Home button will eventually wear out, so it will need to be replaced or repaired sooner or later. Fortunately, most Home button issues are caused by a faulty flex cable, which is not connected to the fingerprint scanner. An experienced repair technician can fix your Home button while still preserving your iPhone 5s’s ability to read your fingerprint. Come to us if you see these symptoms:

  • Home button is unresponsive: When you have to push the button multiple times to get it to register a press, then you likely have either a wiring or calibration error.
  • Home button registers too many presses: If you push it once and it registers a double press, the components may be worn and overly sensitive.

These repairs are a little precarious. If you are not careful, you can accidentally tear cables connecting the scanner to the processor, forever losing Touch ID functionality. That’s why you need a reliable repair service with plenty of experience (and very steady hands). With lots of skill and experience, NYC Mobile Device Doctors provides fast, reliable, and precise Home button repair to residents throughout New York City. We always have OEM quality parts in stock, and we can repair your iPhone 5s’s Home button in about 15 minutes. Don’t trust your smartphone to mediocre services. Call or visit us!