iPhone 5s Lock Button/Power Button Repair

IPhone_5S_power_buttonIs your power button stuck or acting up? For professional lock/power button repair in New York City, come to NYC Mobile Device Doctors. We can get the lock button on your iPhone 5s repaired within 25 minutes. We always have quality parts on hand, so we can easily offer convenient same-day service.

You know it’s time to go to a repair shop when your iPhone 5s can no longer turn on or off with the lock button. The button can get worn out and finicky, and may even get completely stuck inside the device. While there are workarounds that allow you to turn your device on and off without the lock button, they are a hassle to manage, and you would be better served with a simple repair. Still, if you are not able to get your phone to us right away, this is a way you can still turn it off without the buttons:

  • Go to Settings > General > Accessibility and turn on Assistive Touch.
  • You should see a little gray button on the screen. Push it.
  • Go to “Device” and tap and hold “Lock Screen” to turn off the device.
  • Go to “More” and touch “Screenshot” to take screenshots without the lock button.
  • To turn on your device, you’ll need to plug it into a computer and use iTunes.

It’s easy to see how this can get cumbersome and annoying after a while, especially since the gray button can get in the way a lot on the small screen. To set up an appointment, call us at (212) 292-8005.