iPhone 6 Battery Replacement

ifixit-iphone6-batteryThe iPhone 6 has a higher-capacity battery than previous iPhones, but like any battery, it can still drain pretty quickly with heavy usage. The faster you drain the battery, the more often you need to charge it, and the more often you charge it, the sooner it will start losing its charge capacity. Generally speaking, iPhone batteries can last 400 charge cycles before their ability to hold a charge starts diminishing. After that, you’ll eventually find yourself stuck to outlets in order to keep your smartphone from randomly dying. At this point, you definitely need a new battery.

No matter where you are in the NYC Metro area, our experts at NYC Mobile Device Doctors can replace your iPhone 6’s battery in 10 minutes. Any kind of repair on the iPhone 6 can be risky since you have to be careful not to break important cables or damage the irreplaceable Touch ID sensor. In order to prevent this kind of damage to your phone, take it to our experienced professionals for peace of mind and renewed, outlet-free phone usage.

After getting the battery replaced follow the below instructions on how to prolong your battery life…

  • Turn off unneeded apps: The iPhone 6 runs on iOS 8, which has a handy feature that lets you see how much energy different apps on your phone are using. Go to Settings > General > Usage > Battery Usage. Here, you’ll see a list of everything that’s currently running, and you can pinpoint battery-draining apps that you might not need.
  • Manage location-tracking apps: Constant location-tracking can drain the battery very quickly, so limiting location access for apps can help. Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services, and then limit each app’s location access as desired.
  • Charge only as needed: Habitually charging your phone at certain times of the day can keep it from dying unexpectedly in the short term, but over-frequent charging will kill your battery’s capacity in the long run. Charge only as often and as long as your phone needs.

These precautions can help extend your battery’s life, but when it comes time for replacement, come give us a visit, or call us for an appointment at (212) 292-8005.