iPhone 6 Headphone Jack Replacement and Repair

i6headphoneThe headphone jack on your iPhone 6 likely sees a lot of use as you plug and unplug your headphones. Unfortunately, this component can wear out as the metal plug on your headphones scrapes against the inside. In addition, debris can eventually find its way into the plug, which will inhibit the connection and cause crackling or static.

The experts at NYC Mobile Device Doctors provide fast service for headphone jack repair and replacement in New York City. We provide quality same-day service. Due to our extensive experience working with mobile phones, all of our repairs are top quality, and we even offer a warranty on all repairs to give you added peace of mind. If your phone has the following issues, come see us for service:

  • Crackling or static when using your headphones.
  • No sound at all through your headphones.
  • Sounds are muffled or cut out randomly.
  • Sound is faint, no matter how high you turn up the volume.

These can sometimes be caused by bad headphones or obstructions in the port, or even by the volume being set too low, so double check those before assuming you have a headphone jack issue. If it turns out that there is a need for repairs, come see us. We’ll have it repaired in about 25 minutes without risk to the other components in your phone. For service you can trust, visit our repair center or call (212) 292-8005 for an appointment.