iPhone 6 Cracked Screen Repair and Replacement

iPhone-6-broken-screen-replacementThe screen on the iPhone 6 can still crack from accidents that occur from time to time. Fortunately, a fast, 10-minute solution is nearby for residents of the New York Metro area. That solution is NYC Mobile Device Doctors, and our professionals can fix the screen on your iPhone 6 the same day you take it in. Experts with solid experience—and steady hands—are a must when you are seeking repairs on your phone’s screen.

After repairs, then what? In order to prevent the need for future repairs, there are some measures you can take to protect your smartphone’s screen:

  • Don’t put it in your back pocket: The iPhone 6 is only built to withstand 70 pounds of pressure, which is far less than previous models. This means that if you sit on a hard chair with your phone in your back pocket, you could end up damaging the screen and even bending the whole phone. Use a front pocket or purse instead.
  • Encase it in armor: Using a protective phone cover can prevent normal wear on the phone’s casing and keep the screen from making direct contact with hard surfaces when dropped.
  • Give it space: Keep your phone out of busy work areas, such as work tables and kitchen counters. Such areas often see a lot of activity with multiple objects being used and moved around. This makes it more likely that you’ll bump your phone onto the floor or damage it in some other way, so put it in its own space away from busy areas. Also, keep it away from table edges, since that also puts it at risk for falls.

These precautions will all help prevent most damage from accidents, but sometimes, cracked screens still happen. Whenever they do, we urge you to take your phone to us for fast, same-day repair. We always have the needed parts in stock, and the quality of our work speaks for itself.  To contact us, just call (212) 292-8005.