Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge – It Might Come at a Steep Price, But It Sure Is Cool!

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge – It Might Come at a Steep Price, But It Sure Is Cool!
The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge doesn’t exactly come cheap – you’re looking at spending close to $800 if buying the device brand new. These days, you do have to pay a pretty penny for the latest technology, so this shouldn’t exactly come as surprising. On the other hand, you can pay your provider in lesser increments, which can be helpful if you don’t have a bunch of money to just throw down. Anyway, the question is – why buy it?
Dynamite Design
You’re able to see images with unparalleled clarity. The device looks sleek, boats curved glass and is just all around impressive. The fact that the glass is scratch resistant is always a benefit, too.
Banner Battery Life
Turbo charging power and battery saving mode make this device great for those who like to talk. Can you talk for an entire day and night? If so – wow – and you will be glad to know that you get up to about 26 hours of talking time on the S6 Edge.
Picturesque Photos
Auto HDR helps users to capture quality images, even if the quality of the lighting at the time isn’t all that great.
These are just some of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge specs that people can’t stop talking about. Have a look at it if you haven’t yet, but keep in mind that the screen is a bit of a challenge to fix if it becomes broken, so protect it!
Model numbers include: Samsung SM-G925F, Samsung SM-G925W8, Samsung SM-G925P, Samsung SM-G925A, Samsung SM-G925V, Samsung SM-G9250, Samsung SM-G925T, Samsung SM-G925R4, Samsung SM-G925I

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