Galaxy Note 4 Battery Replacement

n4batteryNeed a fast, affordable, and reliable battery replacement for your Galaxy Note 4? Within 10 minutes, we’ll have a new battery in place without any hassle or extra harm to your phone. Our service center is in easy reach for residents throughout New York City, and we offer same-day service with plenty of parts in stock. There’s no waiting for us to order new parts. All that we need is right here in our shop.

When your phone’s battery needs replacement, it shows. It can severely limit your phone’s mobility as you constantly charge it in the hopes that it won’t die on you. Nevertheless, you still end up missing calls due to a dead battery. This is very inconvenient, so a battery replacement is definitely in order.

There is also a way to delay this scenario. Take care of your battery, and it will retain its charge capacity much longer. By applying the following steps, you can make sure you get the most out of it:

  • Charge only as needed. The battery lasts up to 20 hours talking, and only takes a couple hours to charge to its maximum.
  • Manage apps so that they use less energy.
  • Use Power Saving mode to save battery power.

While the battery will still diminish over time, these steps can slow that process. For battery replacement, contact us to set up an appointment and free your phone from outlets today!