There Are Solutions for Broken iPhones

Broke Your iPhone 6 Already? Don’t Worry (At Least, Not Too Much)
So you bought the iPhone 6 and absolutely love it. Its size is super convenient and makes the screen easy to read, which makes it great for family members who have limited vision and for those who use the screen so much that it starts to strain their eyes. Its camera offers great quality photos, and the WiFi speed seems unbeatable. But what happens when you use the device so much that it becomes damaged in some way? Did you break it by accidently knocking it off your coffee table? Did it drop while you were holding it between your shoulder and ear while carrying groceries? While this smartphone is more difficult than its predecessors to break, things still happen. But you do have options!
Try a third party repair/replacement shop in your area. These places usually offer cheaper prices and fast service. Just make sure they are certified and reputable. Check Yelp reviews.
Talk to your carrier about the problem. Some repairs are free, and your iPhone 6 might be under some sort of warranty if you bought it brand new. If the damage wasn’t your fault, they might be able to give you a refurbished device while they fix yours. It depends on the carrier and it depends on your contract. Talk to them.
Go to an Apple store or give them a call. Since they created your phone, they will know what is best for it. But, if you want the most cost-effective option, your best bet might be a third party repair shop for iPhones.
You do have choices if you somehow damaged your brand new phone. Don’t assume you have to toss it in the trash – this is never a good idea. You can always make money off its parts, at the very least.

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