Benefits of Sapphire Glass on Smartphones

Extra Screen Strength Can’t Be Beat!

Manufactured sapphire glass might be the future (or at least part of the future) of pretty much all smartphones. This stuff is utilized on military vehicles and might ultimately be affordable enough that it can be used on regular devices owned by the general public in the near future. Think – smartphones that are even more durable. The idea is that you’d be able to drop, hit, throw and spill on your device without it seeing any negative impact, such as a scratch, or some other forms of damage.

Sapphire is second to none in terms of strength, other than diamonds. That makes it exceptionally strong. The cost is higher than Gorilla glass, naturally, but with technology improving and competition never subsiding, the cost is expected to go down in the near future. This would mean great things for all smartphone and tablet owners who are able to benefit from this super strong, super beneficial material. The cost would still be more, but read on for further details as to how companies such as Corning are working around this.

What exactly is it?

Sapphire glass is a form of aluminum oxide. It’s been utilized as transparent armor on vehicles used by the military. If you’re impressed…well, you should be. It is approximately three times more resistant than standard Gorilla glass in terms of scratches. Who wouldn’t want it in their smartphone or tablet screen?

Corning is expected to release a new, strong, durable option later this year that combines properties of Gorilla glass and sapphire glass, reducing the cost of something made completely of sapphire glass and offering great benefits to the public. Stay tuned for more awesome changes that are going to soon be introduced to the public.

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