Samsung Galaxy S3 Water Damage Repair Service

s3waterdamageOur skilled technicians at NYC Mobile Device Doctors have experience working with water-damaged phones, and we have the tools and expertise needed for diagnosing problems caused by liquid intrusion. Once we have figured out what parts of your Galaxy S3 need fixing and/or replacing, we work as efficiently as possible to get your smartphone working again. The exact time and price of these repairs depends on the amount of damage, but we do all we can to give you the best rates possible. Also, there are some measures you can take to minimize the damage:

  • Shut it off: As long as the device is running with liquid inside, there is a high risk that systems will short. As quickly as you can, turn off the device.
  • Wipe it off: Clear away excess liquid from the device’s surface with a towel or cloth. Do not use a hairdryer or oven to dry it, since this can damage the phone.
  • Take it to us ASAP: Do not turn it on until professionals have taken a look at it and had a chance to clean it. Our experts know how to diagnose problems and fix them quickly without carelessly damaging to your phone, so let them work on it.

Allow us to save your phone and saved data from water damage by visiting us as soon as you can! It may seem like your phone is completely ruined with no hope for recovery, but that isn’t true. There is still hope for your smartphone, so let our experts handle it.