Samsung Galaxy S4 Water Damage Repair Service

s5waterdamageDid you get your Samsung Galaxy S4 wet? If you have dropped your smartphone in water, spilled a drink on it, or in some other way accidentally introduced liquid into your device, then you need to act quickly. Water has a high chance of causing extensive damage to your phone, most of which is best repaired at a professional service center. NYC Mobile Device Doctors is one such place, and our technicians work their hardest to get your Galaxy smartphone back in working condition. In order to minimize the damage, there are some steps you must take with your phone as soon as it gets wet:

  • First, you want to do is turn it off and wipe off excess liquid. When water enters the device, it can short the circuit boards as long as the device is on. Your device is never completely safe to use as long as it is wet.
  • Next, take your phone to our repair center. Through careful diagnostic testing, our professionals will locate any damaged components. We then get to work restoring your phone to its original condition. The time it takes varies by the amount of damage, but we will work as quickly as possible.
  • If you cannot get your phone to our repair center right away, storing it for a couple days in a plastic bag with dry instant rice or silica packets can dry it out.

Even if you get your device completely dry and the water damage indicator hasn’t activated, it is still risky to turn on your device, so take it in for professional repairs as soon as possible. There may still be a bit of residual liquid inside, meaning that there is a risk that your device may short out if you turn it on. Also, some types of damage may not activate the indicator. To be safe, let our experts handle it.