Samsung Galaxy S5 Charger Port Replacement and Repair

New-Flex-Cabel-USB-Charging-Port-Dock-Repair-Replacement-Parts-For-Samsung-Galaxy-S5-i9600-G900FA worn or broken port will eventually leave your phone dead without any hope of recharging. Even if the phone still charges, it won’t do so as efficiently, leaving you stuck to an outlet for far longer than you should be. Some symptoms for a broken or worn charger port are:

  • Phone doesn’t charge when plugged in.
  • Pins are missing from the port.
  • Charger plug does not stay in the port.
  • Phone takes too long to charge.
  • Computer won’t recognize that the phone is plugged in.
  • Any of the above problems, even though the port is clean and the charger is in good condition.

NYC Mobile Device Doctors has a fast solution for your smartphone’s charging problems. We offer same-day service on all our repairs, we have top-notch technicians to do the job right, and we always keep the needed replacement parts in stock. We’ve handled all kinds of challenging repairs over the years, so you can be sure that your device is in safe hands with us. Other places may not have as much experience or be as precise as we are, and could easily damage the Home button cable, fingerprint scanner, and even the motherboard. To avoid that risk, come to the experts at our service center. We know that your Galaxy S5 was expensive, so we do all that we can to preserve its quality.

If you are anyplace in NYC, don’t wait to take your charger port problems to our capable technicians. Either set an appointment or drop by if you’re in the area. You can reach us at (212) 292-8005.