Samsung Galaxy S5 Lock Button/Power Button Repair

s5powerYour phone isn’t much of a phone if you can’t turn it on and off. Without the power button, using your Samsung Galaxy S5 is a much greater hassle than it should be, since you need to resort to plugging it into your computer or using Touch Assistant in order to use it. Your mobile phone becomes much less mobile and much more inconvenient to use. In order to bring back its usability, NYC Mobile Device Doctors offers same-day lock/power button repairs for your Galaxy smartphone.

More often than not, button issues are due to worn or broken cables. This causes the button to be unresponsive. The button may also come a bit loose or get jammed inside the device, which can also cause responsiveness issues. These both require expert precision to repair properly—and we have professionals with that level of precision. We target the problem at its source in order to replace and repair only what is necessary, saving you money in the end. Also, we offer a warranty on all repairs, allowing you peace of mind when you take your phone to our repair shop.

We are in easy reach for residents in Manhattan, SoHo, Brooklyn, East Side, Upper West Side, and Midtown East Side, so if you are in New York and your phone has lock button problems, don’t be afraid to drop in or call (212) 292-8005 for an appointment.