iPhone 5c LCD Replacement and Repair

5cscreenreplacementRepairs only take ten minutes, and you can tell that your iPhone’s LCD is broken if:

  • Parts of the screen may be blank or blacked out.
  • The screen appears to be completely blank.
  • You have blurred or distorted areas on the screen.
  • The phone’s display remains blank when it is on or when it rings.

Most of the iPhone 5c’s usability revolves around the LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) behind the glass screen. If part of this display is blank, then it makes it harder—and more frustrating—to use the phone. Unfortunately, if the LCD is damaged, you will get blank spots on the screen.

If you can’t see what you’re doing properly—or at all—then you are in for a frustrating experience with your smartphone. It is important to get this repaired as soon as you can since there is no way to work around a blank screen. Performing repairs on your own or entrusting your iPhone 5c to a less reputable repair shop runs the risk of further damage and more costly repairs. Also, LCDs are rarely covered by warranties, which means that quality repair at an affordable price is a must.